KASTAMONU Forms Its Own Rolling Stock

26 june 2018

The first batch of 25 railway platforms specially manufactured by Altayvagon JSC for the wood processing enterprise arrived to the KASTAMONU plant in the Alabuga SEZ. The formation of own rolling stock will allow the enterprise reducing costs for the delivery of raw materials.

"Railway transport is simply indispensable for long-term and large-scale engagement of raw materials in the existing environment," said Ali Kılıç, General Director of KASTAMONU in Russia. "Purchasing logging platforms, KASTAMONU seeks to minimize the risks of supplying forestry raw materials by railway transport."

Two types of rolling stocks are used for the transportation of forest by railway transport: a universal open gondola car and specialized platform (timber carrier). The latter type is more preferable, since loading and unloading is faster, while the risks of damage to the wagon during loading and unloading operations are less. KASTAMONU forms particularly this type of rolling stock.


KASTAMONU was established in 1969 as a part of the holding HAYAT, which has been working since 1937. The annual production of wood boards at the KASTAMONU plants amounts to 5 million m3, including 2.45 million m3 of MDF and 2.55 million m3 of particleboards. KASTAMONU enters the top five largest companies in the wood processing industry in Europe. The company specializes in the manufacturing of MDF wood boards, particleboards, laminate flooring, door skin panels, glossy panels and table tops. Its annual turnover in 2015 amounted to €1 billion.