KASTAMONU Discussed Prospects of Wood Panel Industry

18 december 2017

KASTAMONU took part in the LPK 360° forum of the timber processing complex. The Company representatives discussed innovative solutions which can significantly affect the whole timber processing complex with leading industry participants.

Despite stable growth in the production of the timber industry complex, the contribution of the industry to Russia's GDP is less than 1%. Currently, the preparation and public discussion of the strategy for the development of the timber industry complex in Russia until 2030 is being completed. It is planned that the strategy will allow forming an updated portfolio of the most efficient productions and products of deep processing.

“In this context, it is necessary not only to solve the tasks of improving the quality of products, development of resource and energy saving, but also not to stand aside from the social and ecologic processes”, noted General Director of KASTAMONU Ali Kılıç. “This gives us an opportunity to immediately react to challenges and changes of the external environment, to offer consumers new and popular product qualities, to be attentive to regional ecological stability, and to find common ground with public authorities, business partners, competitors, the population and our own staff”.

The experts agreed that in the age of the digital economy in order to maintain positions and achieve higher results you have to turn on the multitasking mode and apply a multidisciplinary approach.