KASTAMONU Shared Experience of Working in the Alabuga SEZ with US Company

08 february 2018

Within the framework of a business visit to the special economic zone of industrial and production type Alabuga, a delegation of the US company KOHLER, which is a leader in the sanitary engineering segment, paid a visit to the KASTAMONU plant. Taking into account the interest of the company's representatives in investing in a new project on the territory of the special economic zone, the guests were acquainted with the experience of KASTAMONU in the localization and activity on this territory.

The guests were met by Ali Kılıç, General Director of KASTAMONU in Russia. He answered numerous questions, in particular, concerning the features of logistics, conducted an excursion around the plant's territory, told about the positive experience of the five-year activity of the plant on the territory of the Alabuga SEZ.

"The availability of engineering, transport and logistics infrastructure in the special economic zone that ensures the uninterrupted supply of raw materials, production and shipment of products was one of the main reasons for KASTAMONU to decide investing in the construction of the plant in Russia," said Ali Kılıç. "Over the years of work, we have become convinced that all obligations undertaken by SEZ in respect of its residents are carried out."

To date, the designed capacity of the company exceeds 1 million m³ of MDF boards and 35 million m² of laminate per year. Featuring such indicators KASTAMONU is the largest producer of MDF/HDF boards not only in Russia but also in Europe with the production located under one roof. The total investment in the construction of two stages of the plant was € 400 million (€ 270 million - the first stage, € 130 million - the second stage). More than 800 new workplaces were created directly in the production, and more than 2,500 in related and service industries.

KOHLER was founded in 1873 in Wisconsin (USA) and at the moment has 50 production facilities around the world with a total amount of personnel of 32 thousand people.