KASTAMONU spoke about the ecologization trend in Russia's wood processing market

04 october 2018

St. Petersburg hosted the 20th International Forestry Forum - the largest Congress of the forestry complex, which annually brings together leading companies of the forestry industry in Russia and foreign countries. Specialists and experts discussed industry development trends, current challenges and growth points. Ali Kılıç, General Director of KASTAMONU in Russia, participated in the round table dedicated to the topic “Development of Board and Plywood Industry” as an expert.

In his speech, Ali Kılıç told about the ecologization trend in Russia's wood processing market.

“Today, not only the public perception of the wood processing business, but also overall prospects for its effective functioning depend on the implementation effectiveness of the environmental policy of the largest enterprises in the industry,” noted Ali Kılıç. "For example, the FSC trademark on products is considered as a guarantee of the legitimate origin of forest products, compliance with the principles of sustainable forest management, as well as high level of social responsibility. And if the company plans to supply products not only to the Russian market, but also to the countries of Europe, Asia, and America, then having the FSC certificate will be one of the prerequisites for them.”

Recently, more and more companies are looking forward to be environmentally responsible. The availability of environmental certificates is gradually becoming an important element in building partnership relations between the suppliers of raw materials, product manufacturers, and retail. And this trend suggests that production and manufactured product ecologization becomes the key to successful business in Russia.

PMLF 2018 brought together more than 600 general directors, top managers, industry representatives from Russia and more than 10 foreign countries, and more than 50 experts spoke at plenary sessions and round tables.