KASTAMONU Completes Implementation of Enterprise Resource Management System

10 may 2018

KASTAMONU has completed implementation of the enterprise resource management system (SAP), the work on which began two years ago. SAP is a corporate information system based on the enterprise resource planning methodology and aimed at achieving optimality of the business process.

The final stage of the SAP implementation was the QM module training. QM module is an integrated system that links all other modules of the SAP system to each other. One of the most important functions of QM module is the ability to track the product at any stage of its production. All input characteristics of raw materials are introduced in the SAP system, final control of the finished product (laminate, EVOGLOSS boards, etc.) is carried out.

"The SAP system allows a manager following the process of production in a real time mode, correctly assessing dynamics of the processes' movement at the enterprise," said Ali Kılıç, General Director of KASTAMONU in Russia. "So it is possible to follow the entire process chain in reverse order and determine the stage where the deviation has occurred, or, conversely, reveal that the technological process has not been violated. Using SAP, we optimize costs and achieve our goals at each stage of the production cycle. At the same time, individual methods and principles that are relevant only in the specific case are laid as the basis for making managerial decisions."



KASTAMONU was established in 1969 as a part of the holding HAYAT, which has been working since 1937. The annual production of wood boards at the KASTAMONU plants amounts to 5 million m3, including 2.45 million m3 of MDF and 2.55 million m3 of particleboards. KASTAMONU enters the top five largest companies in the wood processing industry in Europe. The company specializes in the manufacturing of MDF wood boards, particleboards, laminate flooring, door skin panels, glossy panels and table tops. Its annual turnover in 2015 amounted to €1 billion.