Volunteer Emergency Response Team Attested at the KASTAMONU Plant

10 january 2018

The sectoral commission of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for the attestation of emergency rescue services in the chemical industry has attested the Volunteer Emergency Response Team of the KASTAMONU wood processing plant in the Republic of Tatarstan (Alabuga SEZ). Pursuant to the attestation results, the preparedness level of the team was estimated as high, and the team was permitted to carry out gas rescue operations.

The attestation in respect of the KASTAMONU Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT) was conducted for the first time. The main goals and tasks of the VERT include rescue and salvage operations connected with the localization and elimination of emergencies at the facilities of KASTAMONU INTEGRATED WOOD INDUSTRY LLC.

“Being a major producer, the Company manages the issues of industrial safety carefully,” said Ali Kılıç, Genral Director of KASTAMONU in Russia. “KASTAMONU implements a set of measures to mitigate the risks of technological and industrial accidents. And the primary goal of the Company is to prevent emergencies and accidents, ensure safe and comfortable labour conditions for the staff of the enterprise.”

KASTAMONU exercises production control over the state of industrial safety at hazardous production facilities in accordance with federal laws, technical standards and local normative acts. All diagnostic procedures, tests, technical examinations and expert reviews of industrial safety of technical equipment and installations used at hazardous production facilities are carried out in accordance with the established procedure.