Management of the RT Ministry of Forestry Visited KASTAMONU

15 april 2018

The minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Kuzyurov visited the wood processing production of KASTAMONU in the Alabuga SEZ. After the inspection of the enterprise, a working meeting on the supply of wood to the wood processing plant was held with the participation of Ali Kılıç, General Director of KASTAMONU in Russia, and Ranil Mukhamadiev, General Director of the Forest Transport Company JSC.

100% of timber received from Tatarstan is accounted for forestry enterprises having the FSC certification. This ensures that they carry out reforestation works on a scale exceeding the logging.

The activity of KASTAMONU has intensified the development of the FSC certification of loggers in the Republic of Tatarstan. And today Tatarstan is one of the few regions of Russia where this system is implemented and successfully operates. "We purchase raw materials for our production from the companies having the FSC certificate," said Ali Kılıç. "This means that the company having it performs not only the logging, but also reforestation works not only in comparable volumes, but even in the volumes exceeding the logging capacity. Low-quality wood is used, while high-quality trees are planted. All this not only solves environmental problems, but also contributes to the development of forestry in Tatarstan."