Since the beginning of 2019 KASTAMONU has allocated more than RUB 19 million for environmental protection

16 june 2019

Following the results of the first five months of 2019, KASTAMONU has allocated more than RUB 19 million for environmental protection. Several dozens of measures have been implemented to protect air, water, soil and land resources, as well as to protect the environment from production and consumption wastes.

Regular measurements of various environmental state indicators in the plant sanitary protection zone show that the content of substances in samples is below the standard maximum permissible concentrations. It indicates the high efficiency of environmental activities implemented today at the KASTAMONU plant.

“The goal of our environmental policy is to ensure environmental safety by minimizing our negative impact on the environment”, noted Ali Kılıç, General Director of KASTAMONU in Russia. “The events we implement are not only an important component for maintaining the ecological balance, but also a significant element in raising environmental culture among the workforce, as well as developing ideas for resource conservation and respect for nature.”



KASTAMONU was established in 1969 as a part of the HAYAT holding. The company specializes in the manufacturing of MDF wood boards, particleboards, laminate flooring, door skin panels, and glossy panels. The consolidated turnover of the company amounts to €1.3 billion. The annual production of wood boards is 5 million m3, laminate flooring – 70 million m2. KASTAMONU has 19 plants in 7 countries. It enters the top five largest companies in the wood processing industry in Europe.