The Development Strategy of the Company

Investment is the key to success

In the past 15 years our company has already invested hundreds of millions of dollars in its development by opening up new businesses, in their home country of Turkey just as in Europe. During this time we have launched ten new factories and upgraded three existing ones. A clear, thoughtful plan for expansion allows up to continually optimise access to raw materials and transportation routes, while also increasing the momentum and expanding the scope of the KASTAMONU brand. Along the way we have created thousands of jobs and developed the local economy in those areas where the company is based.

Regular investment is absolutely necessary for the qualitative growth of the business. Our rate of growth is indeed confirmed by the golden rule: effectively planned expansion will bring the results without fail. Year after year, the position of the company in the markets of Eurasia will only be strengthened.

Our list of overseas companies to date is as follows:


There are two KASTAMONU enterprises operating in Romania today. With large quantities of untreated timber, located closer to the West than that of Russia and Ukraine, Romania is conveniently located to transport supplies to Central Europe and the Balkans. It is for this reason that our main centre for the production of untreated and melamine-coated chipboard is located here in Central Europe. The first endeavour was opened in 1998 when KASTAMONU acquired a privatised factory and successfully launched the production of Dorpan Door Skins, complementing this with a line of chipboard. The second Romanian factory for the production of chipboard was opened in 2002.


The second overseas investment became the project in Bulgaria, also conveniently located in logistical terms for the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions. In 2000 we purchased and modernised a factory for the production of chipboard up to a capacity of 150 thousand m³ per year, which began full-scale production in 2001.

NATRON HAYAT (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

In 2005 an enterprise was acquired and modernised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result, the factory for the production of craft and packaging paper, corrugated cardboard and cement bags realised a capacity production of 100 thousand tons per year. Involved in the production are local experts and use is made of local raw material resources. Products are delivered to the Russian Federation, Central Asia and North Africa.


In 2014 we opened our first Russian project in the Republic of Tatarstan. The new KASTAMONU factory for the production of MDF and laminate flooring in Yelabuga became the largest woodworking enterprise in Europe. The potential production capacity of the new factory is close to 2 million m³ per year, which is more than half of the total production of the remaining 12 KASTAMONU factories combined. It was no accident that Russia was chosen for such a significant impact. The proximity of sources of raw material and logistical solutions gave us the opportunity to offer products to the markets of Russia and the CIS at very competitive prices. With more than 250 million new customers the potential market for KASTAMONU has expanded to almost a billion people.