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Buy countertop | Kastamonu

High quality, solid and durable, manufactured with modern equipment and the latest technology.

  • 33 decors

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  • Stain resistant, easy to clean

  • Wear resistance

  • Durability and strength

  • Resistance to high temperatures and steam

  • MDF insert in the radius part protects the worktop profile from damage

Quality Control

We check the quality of products for compliance with standards of Turkey, Russia and EU countries in our laboratories on a regular basis. KASTAMONU enterprises have an integrated quality management system that meets ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 standards.

Worktop composition

Worktop composition
  1. Decorative layer

  2. Standard chipboard (E1 P2) and moisture-resistant chipboard (MR E1 P3)

  3. R3 profile

  4. MDF insert

  5. Moisture-resistant balancing film

  6. Overlay

  7. Craft papers

  8. Polyurethane adhesive

  9. Polyurethane drip molding

  10. Thickness of paper-laminated plastic of 0.5-0.8 mm

  11. PVC edge of 1 mm

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