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KASTAMONU Leading manufacturer
of wood processing industry

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    in the world’s wood panel industry

Our products

The group of companies specializes in the production of MDF, chipboard, laminate floorings, door skins, and glossy panels. We carry out all production cycle stages under one roof.

Kastamonu is constantly expanding its product range: the number of laminate flooring decors has increased from 45 to 200 decors, while that of Evogloss glossy panels - from 34 to 73. We have launched a new collection of acrylic MDF panels, which includes 14 decors. The product line of Technotop countertops is represented by more than 60 decors, while Doorpan door skins include 19 models.

  • 70million m²/year

    laminate floorings

  • 5,5million m³/year


  • 19,5million pieces

    door skins

  • 2,55million m³/year


  • Трехсекционный охладитель
    Three section cooler
  • Оборудование Dieffenbacher
    Dieffenbacher equipment
  • Оборудование HOMAG
    HOMAG equipment
  • Оборудование Siempelkamp
    Siempelkamp equipment
  • Короткотактный пресс WEMHOENER
    Short press WEMHOENER
  • Линия по производству ламинированных напольных HOMAG
    HOMAG Laminate Flooring Line
  • Линия шлифования MДФ и ХДФ Steinemann
    Grinding line MDF and HDF Steinemann
  • Оборудование Steinemann
    Steinemann equipment
  • Пресс Siempelkamp для производства МДФ
    Siempelkamp MDF Press
  • Пресс Siempelkamp для производства МДФ
    Siempelkamp MDF Press
  • Система оптического контроля СolourBrain, автоматически определяет сортность продукта
    ColorBrain optical inspection system, it detects product grade automatically
  • Толщинометр и ультразвуковой дефектоскоп SicoScan
    Thickness Gauge and Ultrasonic Flaw Detector SicoScan
  • Участок контороля качества
    Quality Control Area
  • Участок сортировки и контроля качества ламинированной плиты. Оборудование WEMHOENER
    Section for sorting and quality control of the board. Equipment WEMHOENER


KASTAMONU was established in 1969 as part of the HAYAT holding. For 15 years, the company has been annually investing hundreds of millions of dollars in its own development. During this time, we have launched 10 new plants and upgraded three existing ones. Kastamonu Entegre has 18 plants in 7 countries: Turkey, Russia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the USA.

The carefully planned geographic expansion of the KASTAMONU business allows optimizing logistics and reducing the cost of exports to Asia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and North Africa. A well-thought-out investment plan for new enterprises allows us constantly optimizing our access to raw materials and logistics routes, simultaneously increasing the turnover and expanding the scope of distribution of the KASTAMONU brand, simultaneously developing the economy in the places of presence.

  • 7


  • 18


  • 100

    export countries

  • 1 ,3
    billion dollars

    company’s turnover

Plant in Russia

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  • Kastamonu

The Kastamonu plant for the production of MDF, HDF and laminated floorings was opened in Yelabuga in 2014. The production capacity of the company is 1.05 million m 3 of MDF boards and 35 million m 2 of laminate per year. The company is the leader of the Russian flooring market in the laminate segment, occupying 20% of its volume. In 2016, KASTAMONU became the leader in laminate exports among all Russian manufacturers. Thanks to the opening of the plant, 930 jobs were created directly in the production, as well as 2.500 in related and service industries — logging, transportation, and furniture.

Europe’s largest production site under one roof.

1,05 million m3

MDF in Russia

Environmental responsibility

Kastamonu actively cooperates with FSC and WWF Russia. Historically, the company has long been pursuing a policy of responsible environmental management and restoring forest resources in all countries of its presence.

Research and innovation

Tests and comprehensive research allow us improving our products on a variety of parameters: improving consumer characteristics, improving environmental friendliness and improving production processes. A separate area of optimization is the search and development of new eco-friendly technologies. In our laboratories, we constantly check the quality of products for compliance with the standards of Turkey, Russia, and the EU countries.

KASTAMONU Leading manufacturer of wood processing industry
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