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Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Responsible approach to reforestation and preservation of planet’s natural resources.

  • 50million RUB

    environmental costs per year

  • WWF

    Cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund

Surrounding with care

KASTAMONU's long history and rich production experience have greatly contributed to the development of environmentally responsible behavior and led to the creation of a number of special programs aimed at restoring forest resources in all regions of the company's business. Using a renewable natural resource -wood - in our production, we take a responsible approach to restoring forests and preserving planet's natural resources. We comply with local environmental regulations and laws in all countries where we operate.

Our goal is to minimize our negative impact on nature and restore forest resources.

Cooperation with WWF

General partner of the Earth Hour campaign

Not for the first time KASTAMONU is the general partner of the Earth Hour campaign, held under the auspices of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). KASTAMONU together with WWF calls for responsibility and invites everyone to share environmental problems of the region and learn what one must do in order to live in harmony with nature.

  • 188

    participating countries

  • 2billion people

    participate in the campaign

Cooperation with WWF

Forest seed-growing complex in Tatarstan

The company has received approval and support from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) following the construction of the country's largest forest seed-growing complex in Tatarstan with a capacity of about 12 million seedlings per year. As a result of the center's activities, logging operations in Tatarstan have been intensified. 80% of the grown material is planted in the Republic, which has a positive impact on the environment as a whole.

Planting new healthy plantations instead of used low-quality wood improves the quality of the forest fund being restored.

Forest seed-growing complex in Tatarstan

Ecological programs


The aim of the project is to increase the area of industrial forest plantations, and the annual planting of no less than 300 hectares of fast-growing species of forest trees. This initiative is spreading among the partners of the company engaged in logging and also among the representative of the private sector.

Full organization name in English: Industrial Wood Agricultural Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company.

Ecological programs

Waste water recycling and treatment

The main task in production is to minimize the amount of industrial emissions and waste. Kastamonu has installed new generation treatment facilities providing a closed cycle of technical water circulation at the enterprise. Recycling is used to the maximum, and hundreds of tons of waste cardboard, plastic and other secondary resources are sent for recycling each year.

To implement the environmental safety strategy, the company has created all necessary conditions, including separate waste collection. All these events form an ecological culture, as well as develop the ideas of resource conservation and respect for the natural environment.

  • 44thousand m3

    volume of treated wastewater

  • 134.5thousand tons

    wood waste used as fuel

  • + 70tons

    waste sent for recycling in 2019


FSC certification

KASTAMONU has voluntarily passed certification for compliance with strict international standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The company works only with certified raw material suppliers that meet requirements of the FSC environmental certificate. In parallel with logging, restoration operations are necessarily carried out in the volumes that exceed logging.The main raw material base for KASTAMONU's production in Alabuga is the forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, so a part of funds from the sale of products is allocated to support Russia's natural resources.

PEFC certification

PEFC certification

Kastamonu Plant has increased the use of raw materials being certified to meet the requirements of the PEFC forest certification system. An important advantage of the PEFC Russia system is full compliance with the national legislation of the Russian Federation and its international obligations aimed at the rational use, conservation and restoration of forest resources.

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