Quality Control at Kastamonu

Quality control

We bear full responsibility for the quality of our products and constantly improve them.

Tests performed

Research and innovation

We pay great attention to the scientific side of production processes. All KASTAMONU plants have dedicated teams of experts in research and development, quality control and operational properties of our products.

We constantly research and modify our products, trying to improve their consumer characteristics, increase environmental friendliness and improve production processes. Depending on the results obtained in our laboratories, new developments are tested under production conditions.

Tests and comprehensive research allow us improving our products in a variety of ways. In particular, as a result of such experiments, we were able to modify the equipment and make changes to the technological process of paper impregnation with resins, which allowed us to significantly improve the quality of laminated boards and floorings.

We do not stop on our achievements and continue to search for new opportunities to improve our products.


The KASTAMONU research and development laboratory is fully equipped with modern testing and measuring equipment. An experimental site for field (production) tests was built separately.

We constantly check the quality of our products for compliance with the standards of Turkey, Russia, and the EU countries.

Kastamonu Enterprises are certified under quality standards ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001.

KASTAMONU means high-quality products

The laboratory staff has checked the quality of products through numerous tests and trials to confirm the reliability and declared properties of products, which allows us meeting expectations of customers, including without causing harm to their health and the environment.

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