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Laminate installation: what should you pay attention to?


General requirements

Before you start installing laminate, you need to pay attention to the compliance with climatic conditions and requirements for the surface base for installation.

It is important that before, during and after installation, the room temperature is > + 18° C, while the floor surface temperature is > + 15° C, and the relative humidity is 40% – 70%. At the same time, before installation, without opening the packages, laminate floorings must be placed for 48 hours in the premises where they will be laid.

All surfaces must meet general technical requirements and be suitable for laying, taking into account current regulations. It is especially important to pay attention to compliance with requirements to the norm of moisture content, smoothness, hardness and cleanliness of the surface.

Laminate can be used with water- or electric-heated floors, however, in this case it is necessary to make sure that the surface temperature does not exceed 28°C.


Before installing you should check floorboards for any visible defects. To assemble laminate floors, you will need a tape measure, pencil, saw, spacers to maintain the distance to the wall, plastic film, sound insulation base and in some cases - glue. Elements of laminate flooring are always laid in a floating way. Fixed fastening of floorboards to the surface for laying (glue, screws, nails) is not allowed.

In all doorways, passages, premises with complex configurations, as well as premises that are more than 10 m long or wide, you should insert adapters/thresholds.

It is recommended to lay floorings in such a way that the light from the room window falls parallel to the joints of floorboards on the longitudinal side. In this case, the seams between the floorings will be less noticeable.

Installing laminate at door frames and fitting under pipes requires precise calculations, as well as mandatory compliance with the compensation gap.

When installing laminate in public and commercial premises, it is necessary to take into account the average humidity level characteristic of such premises. In these cases, the elements are glued together with a special glue.

After installation

To preserve quality characteristics and decorative properties of laminate after installing and during the entire service life, you should follow a number of simple recommendations: lift heavy furniture when moving, wipe the floor with a slightly damp cloth instead of wet, immediately remove spilled water, do not use abrasive cleaning agents and other means that can damage the flooring by frictions.

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