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Kastamonu Provided Products for the Kvartirny Vopros TV Show


Company's raw MDF boards were used to make furniture for the living room under the redevelopment project.

Kastamonu produces raw and melamine faced MDF boards with a wide range of thicknesses and different densities depending on the application. Moisture-resistant boards, boards with a glossy coating (EVOGLOSS and ACRYLIC trademarks) and a new product of the market - fire-resistant boards in the KM1 class of fire hazard of building materials are very popular.

When preparing the Kvartirny Vopros program, melamine faced MDF boards of 16 mm and medium-density were used. According to designers' project, one of the long walls of the room was completely occupied by cabinet furniture made to order by sizes: two wardrobes, a rack with a TV stand, and hinged mezzanine shelves.

Similar MDF boards were used for the manufacture of shelving modules and a bench located under the window, along the convector. At the same time, holes were cut in the MDF modules to ensure air circulation.

Thanks to the wide opportunities provided by Kastamonu materials in interior design, designers were able to furnish the living room with high-quality, stylish and functional furniture, which gave the room a completely new look.

MDF boards are widely used in the production of furniture, doors and door moldings, in interior decoration, as well as in the construction industry. Main advantages of this material include environmental friendliness, high strength characteristics, good resistance to temperature changes and moisture. MDF boards are easy to process and easy to install. This material also has a long service life and good thermal and noise insulation properties. In addition, MDF boards provide for ideal opportunities for the production of end products with shaping and various types of mechanical and decorative treatment.

When producing MDF boards, Kastamonu uses natural components and complies with the highest international and Russian standards of quality and environmental friendliness of materials. This is confirmed by regular external audits of production and quality certificates.

One counld not but mention fire-resistant MDF boards by Kastamonu, which have the KM1 fire hazard class. To date, the company is the only Russian manufacturer of wood processing industry, which products have such a high class of fire hazard. During laboratory tests, fire-resistant MDF boards by Kastamonu withstood heating up to 700℃ for 15 minutes without fire. This means that in everyday conditions, Kastamonu wood boards are absolutely not afraid of exposure to an unextinguished cigarette or a hot iron sole.