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Kastamonu Introduces New Laminate Flooring Collection

Investments in the home comfort

Kastamonu Strengthened Measures to Improve Employee Safety

Kastamonu to Strengthen Positions in the Belarussian Market

Kastamonu Russia Received KM1 Certificate for Fire-Resistant MDF Boards

Kastamonu sent about 300 tons of waste for recycling in 2019

Kastamonu to Become General Partner of Earth Hour in Russia

Kastamonu Russia got German ED2020 quality certificate

Kastamonu Receives FSC Certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council

Novelties in the KASTAMONU media space

Kastamonu plant in Tatarstan has produced 100 million square meters of laminate floorings

Kastamonu, the largest Turkish investor in Tatarstan, celebrates its five-year anniversary in Russia