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Kastamonu has introduced a new marking of laminate moisture resistance


Kastamonu, being the leading manufacturer of laminate and MDF in Russia, pays special attention to moisture resistance properties and designates the ability to resist the effects of moisture and water with the Aqua 24 mark.

By placing the Aqua 24 mark, Kastamonu confirms moisture resistance properties of its laminate, dimensional stability and tightness of lock joints during direct long-term contact with water, for example, in case of inaccurate wet cleaning.

The latest results of moisture resistance tests have shown that in case of water on the laminate surface, the percentage of swelling at the interlock points after 1 hour will be 0%, within 24 hours - there will be deformation of the bevelled edge laminate by no more than 4% and without a bevel - no more than 1%. This is due to high-quality lock joints.

Aqua 24 expands the scope of laminate application and allows one to use it in premises with high humidity. In addition, Kastamonu laminate has a resilient, abrasion-resistant surface.

“We are fully responsible for the quality of our products by improving consumer properties, increasing environmental friendliness and improving the production process. Kastamonu regularly undergoes Russian and international audits for compliance with the highest quality and environmental safety standards,” said Ali Kılıç, CEO of Kastamonu Russia.

The ecological properties of Kastamonu materials are achieved due to strict production standards at the enterprise, constant internal quality control, as well as external audits of production.

Kastamonu products have certificates of conformity to technical requirements of RF GOST, fire safety, as well as Blue Angel international environmental certificates.

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