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Kastamonu has produced 100 million square meters of laminate for the Russian market


The leading manufacturer of the Russian wood processing industry – Kastamonu company – has produced 100 million square meters of laminate for the domestic market in 7.5 years. This milestone was reached in February 2022.

The leaders in terms of laminate supplies among the regions are the Central (43%), Volga (18%) and Southern (14%) federal districts, in total they account for 75% of supplies. Next are the Siberian (8%) and Northwestern (8%) federal districts. The remaining regions in total account for less than 10% of supplies.

At that, 56% of supplies account for the laminate of the 33rd wear resistance class, 32% - for the laminate of the 32nd class, and 12% - for the laminate of the 31st class. The laminate of the 34th class has so far the smallest share as having been launched on the market only in September 2021.

“We are very pleased to reach up to such a nice milestone - 100 million square meters of laminate. The main objective of our company is to make people's lives more comfortable and convenient, and we believe sincerely that we have been working well for more than seven years since the opening of the plant in Russia. Kastamonu products are the result of the hard work of hundreds of our employees at production sites and in offices, and we are grateful to everyone for their contribution. This year we will definitely continue moving towards new achievements,” said Ali Kılıç, CEO of Kastamonu Russia.

In March 2021, the company launched its third laminate production line in record-breaking time. As a result, the annual production of laminate floorings has increased from 30 million m² to 45 million m².

In September 2021, Kastamonu broadened the range of its product portfolio with laminate floorings of the highest 34th wear resistance class. At that, the manufacturer was the first on the Russian market to produce laminate of class 34 certified under two indicators at a time: wear resistance and shock resistance, as compared to the European standard regulating only the wear resistance indicator.

In August 2021, WhatWood analytical agency conducted a study of the Russian laminate and MDF market and compared the shares of the largest manufacturers in the woodworking industry. According to the study results, Kastamonu ranks first in Russia in the production capacity of laminate floorings and MDF.


The group of companies of Kastamonu Entegre was established in 1969 as a part of the Hayat Holding. The company specializes in the manufacturing of MDF wood boards, particleboards, laminate flooring, door skin panels, and glossy panels. The consolidated turnover of Kastamonu Entegre amounts to $1.3 billion. The annual production of wood boards is 5 million m3, laminate flooring – 70 million m2.

Hayat Holding, which includes Kastamonu Entegre, was founded in 1937 and today consists of 41 companies in various business areas. Hayat unites brands such as Papia, Familia, Bingo, Molfix and many others.

Kastamonu Entegre has 18 plants in 7 countries: Turkey, Russia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the USA. The company ranks No. 5 internationally and No. 4 in Europe among the largest companies in the wood processing industry.

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