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In 2019, KASTAMONU continues its advertising campaigns aimed at strengthening brand awareness and image, maintaining the company's reputation as a reliable business partner and manufacturer of high-quality products. We asked Olga Klyueva, Head of Marketing Department, to tell us more about this.

In autumn of 2018 KASTAMONU implemented a number of large-scale advertising projects, about which you told in the November issue of our newspaper. And what are the plans for this year?

In the first half of the year advertising campaigns of Floorplan by KASTAMONU are planned on TV and radio. To continue the image advertising campaigns, which were successfully held on federal TV channels and the Internet at the end of 2018, focusing on the ratio of cost and quality indicators of advertising opportunities, it was decided to continue to place advertising in a combination of the most relevant tools: direct advertising on federal TV channels and sponsor integration into the Oryol i Reshka programs on the Friday! TV channel.

What results have been achieved as a result of advertising campaigns held in 2018?

At the end of 2018, TV advertising campaigns achieved very impressive results: in general, 88,897,000 viewers watched the advertising message on TV with an average viewing frequency of 4.8. This means that on average, each representative of the target audience saw the advertising message about 5 times, which is estimated as a very high frequency of contact.

What tools and resources were used to advertise on the Internet?

As a maintenance tool for TV we managed to successfully implement advertising on the Internet with the use of such media tools as banner advertising on the main page of the Yandex search system, Rambler site package and theme site package of Stroitelstvo i Remont, advertising in Facebook, Vkontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki, Instagram social networks, and video ads on YouTube.

What novelties will KASTAMONU show on federal TV in 2019?

In the period from April to May 2019 (2 months) the 2nd stage of the advertising campaign of Floorplan by KASTAMONU was conducted on federal TV. For the placement we use federal TV channels with large coverage, affinitive for our target audience. Promotional videos of Floorplan by KASTAMONU with a timing of 10 and 15 seconds are broadcast on TV channels Channel One, Russia and NTV. Advertising blocks inside the most popular DIY-programs are chosen for placement: Kvartirny Vopros, Dachny Otvet, and Idealny Remont.

Being present with an advertising message within these programs, we get more broadcasts for a reasonable budget if compared to participation with product placement in the same shows, but at the same time we are in contact with our target audience. Thus, in terms of price and quality, it turns out that direct advertising in a DIY show is more profitable than product placement. In order to expand contact with the target audience, news programs Vesti on the Russia TV channel and most popular and viewers’ favorite TV shows of the Channel One: Vecherny Urgant, Golos, and Chto? Gde? Kogda? were also chosen for the placement.

As a part of Floorplan by KASTAMONU advertising campaign held in 2018, very bright, incendiary videos were shown on the Channel One and NTV channels. Will we see something like this again?

Yes, in the TV campaign we continue the creative concept of "dancing on the laminate". The idea is as follows: dancing is the process of creating positive emotions, delight in the process of movement. Free movement is a powerful and rhythmic impulse of human feelings and emotions, a state of true inner freedom. Each movement is the basis, while the best basis is the Floorplan flooring. Perfectly smooth, high-quality and safe, it is able to give pleasure to life in every movement for many years.

In this creative concept, we shot a series of videos, where we focused on beautiful movements and elements of dance to rhythmic and memorable music Through the use of this creative concept, we stand out among the competitors who use conservative approaches in communication. We set new trends, strive to become trendsetters and innovators in the industry. This concept correlates and matches the slogan of the Floorplan brand "Living better is easy".

And what will KASTAMONU show outside federal channels?

In 2019, along with direct advertising on federal TV, we continue the integration of the Floorpan brand into the favorite travel show Oryol i Reshka on the Friday! TV channel. In total for the period of 2.5 months, from the end of March to May 2019, it is planned to conduct an integration in 40 programs of Oryol i Reshka. In each of the programs there will be two broadcasts of the Floorpan by KASTAMONU video in the advertising block and freeze- frame, when the program stops at the agreed place after the appropriate words of presenters and the audience sees the bumper of the KASTAMONU brand on the screen.

The advertising campaign in the Oryol i Reshka show reached previously planned results and exceeded the plan for the target rating by 5% (TRP) due to the fact that for the first time in the industry KASTAMONU integrated with the advertising message in the travel show, which is popular among the wide audience. The advertising campaign in the Oryol i Reshka TV show was supported in the Internet resources of the Friday! channel. Floorpan videos were posted on the websites-repeaters of the channel's video content, while the main page of the Friday! TV channel contains the banner of KASTAMONU.

Do you plan to advertise KASTAMONU in other media?

Radio was chosen as a supporting tool for the TV campaign. Advertising clips of 20 seconds will be placed on the Total Radio, which is a package of six radio stations: Europe Plus, Retro FM, Radio 7 on Seven Hills, Road Radio, Sport FM, and New Radio. The main advantage of this placement is that the advertising clip is broadcast immediately on all six radio stations with a time shift. This means that the advertising clip is broadcast at the same time in all time zones of Russia: for example, advertising sounds on the radio at 11:00 in Moscow, and at the same time in Vladivostok at 11:00 local time. One of the key advantages of the Total Radio package is that we pay for the placement of one advertising unit, and it is broadcast at the same time on six radio stations.

Why did you choose radio as an advertising platform?

The radio was chosen for the placement as a media tool with a wide coverage, and also because the target audience is more loyal to the advertising messages heard on the radio, if compared to other media. Most representatives of the target audience have a car and regularly listen to the radio in the car, besides radio has a significant advantage over other media – background listening. Many radio stations operate in the background mode in shopping centers, restaurants, fitness clubs and other public places, where the audience does not expect contact with advertising and, accordingly, perceives it more benevolently.

In addition to advertising on FM radio stations, advertising on digital radio was planned to strengthen the advertising impact on the target audience, as well as to increase the effective coverage and advertising of radio indicators. Advertising of Floorpan by KASTAMONU on the Internet will be placed in the Unisound interactive network, which includes more than 100 websites-repeaters of FM radio stations and aggregators of musical works. It will also be heard by users of social networks Vkontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki, and Moy Mir. Advertising on digital radio has a number of unconditional advantages if compared to other media: impressive coverage and possibility of targeting on socio-demographic characteristics and behavioral features.

Will any other projects be implemented in 2019?

In addition to direct advertising, there will also be a special project on the radio, which will help to increase the level of audience involvement. Presenters of the morning show Podyomniki are going to Alabuga, in order to see how the production of KASTAMONU works, to ask questions to the company's specialists and to make sure that products meet the needs of the most demanding buyers. DJs are shooting on the smartphone everything at the factory and upon the return they will assemble materials in five videos, which will then be published in the Instagram of Our Radio.

Within the framework of the special prize draw, the presenters talk about their experiences from the trip to the production site of KASTAMONU, about the novelties and interesting things they learned about the process of the laminate production, and offer listeners to watch a new video in the social network of Our Radio. Then they ask a question that can be answered only by watching the video. After a musical pause, Podyomniki return to the air, announce the correct answer and congratulate the author of the correct message, who is recognized as the winner and receives a prize from KASTAMONU.

Do you plan to further develop such formats of advertising campaigns? Are there any long-term plans?

In the future, of course, we plan to participate in new interesting media formats and even more ambitious projects. One of the goals is to continue to build on competitors, using innovative approaches in communication and creative concept, thus confirming the status of trendsetters. For 2020, the plans will be formulated taking into account the results of advertising and promotional campaigns of 2019 with the full application of the entire set of tools of the marketing mix: TV, radio, Internet, social networks, trade marketing tools, and PR. I am sure that best things await us in the future and everything will be even more interesting!

In the end of 2018, advertising campaigns on TV reached impressive results

Results of tv advertising campaigns in 2018

  • 88 897 000 viewers;
  • 4,8 average viewing frequency;
  • 40% of target audience saw the advertising message on TV.

Advertisement integration in the oryol i reshka program

  • 82 broadcasts in 42 programs;
  • 4,8 average viewing frequency
  • 15,844,000 viewers.

Direct advertising on the federal channel one and ntv

  • 126 broadcasts;
  • 73 052 000 viewers;
  • 4,8 сaverage viewing frequency.

Advertising campaign on the internet

  • 17 million views;
  • 1 800 000 broadcasts of video clips;
  • More than 9 million views in social networks.

For the period of upcoming advertising campaign of floorpan by kastamonu on the internet and on radio it is planned to conduct more than 5 million advertising contacts with listeners per month!

Advertising clips of kastamonu lasting 20 seconds will be placed on 6 radio stations of the total radio.


Olga Klyueva

Olga Klyueva

Head of Marketing Department

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