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Kastamonu set a record in sales


In July 2020, the company shipped more than 100,000 m3 of products from its warehouse, including laminate flooring and MDF boards. This figure became the company’s record sales for more than six years of its operations in Russia.

Kastamonu opened its plant producing laminate flooring and MDF boards in 2014 in the Republic of Tatartstan – in the Alabuga SEZ. Today, the company is ranked among the top Russian woodworking companies: its production capacity amounts to 1.05 mln m3 of MDF and 35 mln m2 of laminate flooring annually. In the volume of laminate flooring sales in Russia 20% falls in that produced by Kastamonu. Meanwhile 40% of the overall volume of products is exported to 27 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. This July, the company set a record in shipments - more than 100,000 m3. They used more than 4,200 trucks to deliver all that volume.

“It is crucial to be able to accurately assess the current economic situation and make long-term forecasts, as well as promptly respond to emerging challenges so that to ensure sustainable development of the company. The Kastamonu plant kept operating despite the growing pandemic and general market decline, and managed to completely fulfill all of its business obligations and prove itself again to be a reliable partner and manufacturer, as well as to continue consistent and sustainable development,” said Ali Kiliç, CEO of Kastamonu Russia.

“Record sales in the time of pandemic show that the steps taken to preserve stability of the company were effective and well-timed. Clear planning, flexible marketing strategy, mutual assistance and support of our business partners allowed us to get through the most hard times for the industry without losses, and now we are ready for new achievements,” noticed Cenk Büyüktosun, Sales and Marketing Director of Kastamonu Russia.

Thanks to the cooperation with major developers, Russian nationwide and regional retail chains and distributors, Kastamonu holds prominent position in the market in all federal districts of Russia. Meanwhile the Central, Southern, and Volga Federal Districts are the top three districts by volume of supply of laminate floorings.

Export to Asian countries has also been growing rapidly in the recent years. Not long ago the company has become a key supplier of laminate flooring and MDF to Uzbekistan with the market share of 10% and 60%, respectively. Among the latest major projects in this country is supply of materials for the international business center Tashkent City and ultramodern housing complexes Akay City and Olmazor Business City in Tashkent. Kastamonu also dominates in Kazakhstan with a market share of 30% in sales of laminate flooring.


Kastamonu was established in 1969 as a part of the HAYAT holding. The group of companies specializes in the manufacturing of MDF wood boards, particleboards, laminate flooring, door skin panels, and glossy panels. The consolidated turnover of the company amounts to €1.3 billion. The annual production of wood boards is 5 million m3, laminate flooring – 70 million m2. Kastamonu has 18 plants in 7 countries: Turkey, Russia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the USA. The company ranks No. 7 internationally and No. 4 in Europe among the largest companies in the wood processing industry.

100000 m 3

of products were shipped in July 2020

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