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Kastamonu Strengthened Measures to Improve Employee Safety


Fixed anchor systems were installed at the company's plant in Yelabuga, and new standards were introduced for providing employees with work clothes and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The installation of the first stage of anchor equipment was carried out at the site for the MDF production, unloading of production materials and on other lines of the enterprise. Each of the installed systems is designed for simultaneous operation of up to three people and ensures their safety at height during scheduled maintenance or repair of technological lines. High structural strength is achieved by using an I-beam as a load-bearing element.

In addition, the company has other measures improving the safety of employees. For example, a new standard has been introduced for providing employees with work clothes, footwear and PPE. This standard implies stricter control over the selection of PPE, choice of service provider, and disposal of PPE. Due to this, personal protective equipment for the company's employees will go through a better selection.

Along with personal protective equipment, lockout/tagout (LOTO) safety systems are used. They are recommended for use by the International Labor Organization, as the most effective for ensuring industrial safety during repair and service operations. LOTO allows almost completely eliminating risks associated with the human factor when disconnecting equipment and blocking the supply of dangerous energy, thus, excluding industrial injuries. The LOTO system is mandatory for companies in Europe, America and Canada.

"The safety of employees at work is our first priority. Kastamonu provides employees with full technical support and strictly complies with all applicable labor safety standards. In addition, we regularly conduct training, probations and certification of personnel in the field of industrial safety. Employees also participate in training sessions, which include simulations of conditions of possible emergencies, and pass tests of knowledge on labor protection," said Ali Kılıç, CEO of Kastamonu Russia.

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