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  • Almada Oak

    FP854.2 Almada Oak Алмада Оак

  • Дуб Альмади

    FP854.2 Dyb Almadi Дуб Альмади

  • Kastamonu confirmed compliance of MDF boards with GOST standards

    ... Kastamonu Russia. Evogloss MDF boards by Kastamonu are supplied to 10 countries: Lithuania, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Tajikistan, Estonia, Finland, Romania and Azerbaijan. At the same time, the share of products sent for export is 26% – almost a third of the total amount of boards produced. Evogloss glossy panels are highly resistant to mechanical damage and scratches and are characterized by high strength. In addition, a special protective layer from UV rays protects the decorative ...

  • Kastamonu invested 50 million rubles in modernization of treatment facilities

    ... improvement, the volume of wastewater reused in technological processes has increased by 300 cubic meters per day. In March 2021, Kastamonu launched its third laminate production line, thus, the volume of products manufactured by the enterprise increased by almost 10 million square meters per year. Such production expansion required a corresponding increase in the capacity of plant's treatment facilities. One of the most important resources used in wood processing industries is water. In order to reduce ...

  • Kastamonu has launched a modern laminate production line. Article in RBC

    ... fulfill all our business obligations.” According to the Abarus Market Research consulting agency, despite the pandemic that has brought down many sectors of the economy, laminate production in Russia did not decrease in 2020, but even increased — by almost 1%. According to analysts, the demand for floorings in 2021 will continue to increase. According to experts, the increase in the production of laminate will significantly strengthen the company's position in the market of the wood processing ...

  • Classics and urbanism: how laminate flooring combines styles and erases boundaries

    ... implement design solutions and the most unusual ideas about the appearance of your apartment. We will talk about the updated collections of the Blue and Black Floorpan laminate line by Kastamonu, which is one of the world’s market leaders. It is almost impossible to imagine the interior of a modern city apartment without laminate: this universal and affordable flooring is gaining momentum. The variety of decors and a wide range of technical characteristics allow using laminate for rooms with ...

  • Kastamonu Strengthened Measures to Improve Employee Safety

    ... personal protective equipment, lockout/tagout (LOTO) safety systems are used. They are recommended for use by the International Labor Organization, as the most effective for ensuring industrial safety during repair and service operations. LOTO allows almost completely eliminating risks associated with the human factor when disconnecting equipment and blocking the supply of dangerous energy, thus, excluding industrial injuries. The LOTO system is mandatory for companies in Europe, America and Canada....

  • suosituksia

    ... puhdistukseen. Imurin käyttö märkä puhdistukseen (pesu imurit) ja höyrypuhdistimet ei ole sallittua. Suojelkaa lattian päällysteet karkean liasta, käyttäkää lian imemis matot eteisessä. Puhdistusaineet lattianpäällysteiden puhdistukseen tulee valmistaa alkoholin tai etikan perusteella. Lisäksi puhdistuaineksi voidaan käyttää bensiinia, lakan poistoainetta, yleinen tahranpoistoainetta. Ei saa käyttää kalvon muodostavia puhdistusainetta, siihen kuuluu astianpesuainetta, nestemäiset saippua ...

  • Recomendações

    ... de limpeza que formam uma película. Estes incluem detergentes da loiça, sabão líquido, etc. Se, apesar da resistência do pavimento laminado, ainda existirem danos, pequenas áreas danificadas podem ser reparadas com uma massa de moldagem especialmente concebida. Em caso de danos em todas as tábuas, estas devem ser substituídas por um especialista. Se necessário, contacte o seu fornecedor Recomendações Рецомендаçõес

  • Procedimento de empilhamento

    ... unindo as tábuas na transversal lado a lado, tal como se segue: à primeira e a cada tábua consequente coloque uma nova, sob o ângulo inserindo o relevo no encaixe do elemento já colocado. De seguida, baixe a tábua empilhada até que esteja totalmente no chão. Meça o comprimento necessário na tábua da primeira fila e corte o elemento pela marcação. Inicie a colocação da segunda fila com o resto da última tábua da primeira fila, se o seu comprimento for de pelo menos 200 mm. A colocação ...

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