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  • Cashmere Concrete

    P269 Cashmere Concrete Цащмере Цонцрете

  • Grey Concrete

    P270 Grey Concrete Ґреу Цонцрете

  • Dark Grey Concrete

    P271 Dark Grey Concrete Дарк Ґреу Цонцрете

  • Anthracite Concrete

    P272 Anthracite Concrete Антхраците Цонцрете

  • Kastamonu has introduced a new marking of laminate moisture resistance

    ... being the leading manufacturer of laminate and MDF in Russia, pays special attention to moisture resistance properties and designates the ability to resist the effects of moisture and water with the Aqua 24 mark. By placing the Aqua 24 mark, Kastamonu confirms moisture resistance properties of its laminate, dimensional stability and tightness of lock joints during direct long-term contact with water, for example, in case of inaccurate wet cleaning. The latest results of moisture resistance tests have ...

  • Kastamonu expanded its range of laminate floorings

    ... suitable for Scandinavian-style interiors. This is a versatile style that satisfies common preferences in the field of comfort. "Comfort, practicability, affordability, an atmosphere of naturalness and harmony with the surrounding world is what the consumer is looking for. We regularly monitor trends and adapt to the request of the audience, offering a sought-after product. The inspiration for the creation of the new Kastamonu laminate collection was northern cities and the waters of the Baltic ...

  • We know a lot about outdoor conferences! Kastamonu Sweet Day 2022

    ... LTD for organizing the event. Meetings in this format strengthen the corporate spirit in the team, encourage friendly communication and, of course, contribute to the reunification of the large Kastamonu family! #SLIDER_1# We know a lot about outdoor conferences! Kastamonu Sweet Day 2022 Wе кноw а лот абоут оутдоор цонференцес! Кастамону Сwеет Дау 2022

  • Dealer conferences in July

    ... (Volga Region) Federal University, met with the rector of the institute Elena Merzon, where they got acquainted with the learning environment and high achievements of students from Uzbekistan in the field of study, sports and culture. #SLIDER_2# Dealer conferences in July Деалер цонференцес ин Їулу

  • Kastamonu released a new laminate collection Nanoclick

    ... The design of Nanoclick focuses on the close relationship between nature and home, which allows creating a comfortable, cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the house. The new decors will look harmoniously in Scandinavian, Art Deco or modern interiors. The concept of the collection reflects the idea of dynamism, innovation, adherence to modern trends. Some decors are named after famous scientists, inventors and popularizers of science. "The new Nanoclick collection is a fresh look at the design of ...

  • Kastamonu products received GOST certificates of conformity

    ... all lines of Kastamonu laminate floorings, as well as for all types of MDF and HDF boards - polished and laminated, with PVC coating - Evogloss, with acrylic coating – Acrylic and Industrial Acrylic. Kastamonu products received GOST certificates of conformity Кастамону продуцтс рецеивед ҐОСТ цертифицатес оф цонформиту