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  • San Marino Oak

    FP953.1 San Marino Oak Сан Марино Оак

  • Дуб Сан-Марино

    FP953.1 Dyb San-Marino Дуб Сан-Марино

  • Kastamonu Extends Laminate Range

    ... Emerald decors reproduce the palette of real wood. Warm, natural and monochrome tones combined with bleached wood create a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of home comfort. “Kastamonu designers have created this laminate taking into account modern trends ... ... well as successfully develops export directions: products are delivered to 27 countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America. In March 2021, Kastamonu launched the third laminate production line at a record pace, namely within four months, and as a result ...

  • Kastamonu sponsored Krasnaya Gorka Trail Running Competition

    ... Yekaterinburg and other cities. Kastamonu became one of the sponsors of the event. Two distances of 15 and 30 kilometers in the Lower Kama National Park were proposed for participants over the age of 18. A 720-meter race was organized for children, while elderly ... ... the Republican Summer Rural Sports Games in Udmurtia. These are large regional competitions attended by about one and a half thousand amateur athletes. #SLIDER_1# REFERENCE The group of companies of Kastamonu Entegre was established in 1969 as a part of ...

  • Kastamonu sponsored Republican Rural Games in Udmurtia

    From June 29 to July 3, the Udmurt village of Grakhovo hosted the anniversary XXX Republican Summer Rural Sports Games. Kastamonu sponsored the games and provided financial support to organizers. This year, about one and a half thousand amateur athletes from all regions of Udmurtia came to the games. They fought for victory in 18 sports disciplines – field-and-track athletics, football, volleyball, kettlebell lifting and others. In addition to classical sports disciplines, for the first ...

  • Kastamonu провела ребрендинг

    ... состоит из двух элементов: фирменного знака и логотипа, на котором написано «Kastamonu». Фирменный знак — это земной шар, который окрашен в два оттенка ... ... покрытий на российском рынке до 30%. Также компания уделяет большое внимание экологичности бизнеса - еще на стадии строительства предприятия ...

  • Kastamonu invested 50 million rubles in modernization of treatment facilities

    ... to the improvement, the volume of wastewater reused in technological processes has increased by 300 cubic meters per day. In March 2021, Kastamonu launched its third laminate production line, thus, the volume of products manufactured by the enterprise ... ... industries is water. In order to reduce costs and conduct deep purification of waste industrial water, special membrane machines with sand filters and activated carbon filters are operating at the Kastamonu plant. There are also electrocoagulation machines where ...

  • Kastamonu вновь наращивает темпы производства. Коммерсант

    ... Герцеговине и США. На сегодняшний момент компания занимает 6-е место в мире и 4-е в Европе среди крупнейших... ... исключительно неделовая древесина, подлежащая санитарной вырубке: переспелые, поврежденные... ... Источник: Коммерсант Kastamonu vnov narashivaet tempi proizvodstva. Kommersant Кастамону вновь наращивает темпы производства...

  • Laminate manufacturer Kastamonu once again ramps up production. Kommersant

    ... flooring – 70 million m 2 . Hayat Holding, which includes Kastamonu Entegre, was founded in 1937 and today consists of 41 companies in various business areas. Hayat unites brands such as Papia, Familia, Bingo, Molfix and many others. Resource: Коммерсант Laminate manufacturer Kastamonu once again ramps up production. Kommersant Ламинате мануфацтурер Кастамону онце аґаин рампс уп продуцтион. Коммерсант

  • Онлайн версия издания «Ведомости» о запуске 3-й производственной линии на заводе Кастамону

    ... лидеров индустрии, бережно относясь к природе В марте 2021 года ведущее предприятие деревообрабатывающей... ... ламината — объем реализации в 2019 году, по оценке Abarus Market Research) Kastamonu смог сделать заботу об экологии... ... перестойные, спелые, буреломные или подлежащие санитарной рубке деревья, то есть те деревья, которые...

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